Corrosion Engineering Ltd., Cortec Ireland, is a solutions provider.

We are a Corrosion Protection Consultancy. We are the only distributor in Ireland for the Cortec ® Corporation, a world leader in innovative, environmentally responsible Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI™) and Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®)

We offer corrosion control technologies for the Packaging, Metalworking, Construction, Electronics, Water Treatment, Oil/Gas, Wind/Marine Power, and other industries. Cortec® is ISO9001 and ISO14001: 2004 Certified.

We provide an environmentally friendly alternative to existing methods of corrosion protection

Our role in the corrosion control process is to:

• Work with the client to understand the root cause

• Carry out on-site surveys and prepare inspection reports

• Propose workable solutions including the interactions between process and product

• Create Standard Operating Procedures

• Carry out or enable and monitor implementation

• Provide corrosion control training with on-site consultation

• Review progress and propose improvements

Corrosion is an incredibly destructive force facing everyone who works with metal. In the United States alone, corrosion costs industry and ultimately, the consumer, over 350 billion dollars. Many corrosion protection methods employed are less than effective, and worse, are inherently damaging to the earth's environment.


Our mission is to supply our customers with solutions to corrosion problems.

We will do this by working in partnership and providing our expertise towards solving those problems.

We exclusively distribute the Cortec range of Vapour-phase Corrosion Inhibitors, the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly in the industry.

Cortec’s product line forms the broadest collection of integrated solutions to corrosion currently on the market with more Effective Corrosion Inhibitors. Health, safety and pollution control Cortec's® formulations, using the newest chemicaltechnology available, to help alleviate your concerns in the areas of health, safety, flammability and pollution control.

Applications of VpCI technology can range from the obvious choice of treated VpCI paper or a liquid treatment, to the not so obvious.

With VpCI technology, there are often a number of solutions that can suit the problem, and often more than one that fits the situation. We offer VpCI products for export packaging, aqueous cleaners and degreasers, metalworking fluids, admixtures for concrete, high performance coatings, emitting devices and much more.